Becoming A Chaplain

GCI chaplains bring the love of Jesus Christ, the Word of eternal life and the power of the Holy Spirit to those who lay their lives on the line for our nation.

Military leaders from General George Washington to General George C. Marshall have recognized the critical importance of military chaplains. Every time Americans have gone to war, chaplains have accompanied them into harm’s way, shared their dangers and hardships, and brought the Word of God to life-or-death situations. Chaplains enable America’s warriors to be morally and spiritually ready to face death, take life, and return from the crucible of combat free from moral injury.

Military chaplains fulfill two roles: staff officer and religious leader. Chaplains advise their commanders on religion, morale, morals and welfare of their unit members and families, ensuring the free exercise of religion and serving as ministers of their own faith. Depending upon branch of service, new chaplains may be assigned to commands ranging from an 850-man Army or Marine Corps infantry battalion to a Navy destroyer squadron, an Air Force base support squadron, or a basic training battalion.

As religious leaders, GCI chaplains authentically represent the Lord Jesus Christ as Christian Ministers, strengthening the living, caring for the wounded and honoring the dead as they provide life-giving counsel, prayer, pastoral care, and religious services.

Our armed forces face combat and operational deployments that constantly put them in harm’s way, and they undergo arduous training to maintain the ability to defeat a wide variety of potential adversaries. Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and their leaders need Godly, Spirit-filled chaplains to impact their units and bring God’s presence to the challenging situations they face. GCI chaplaincy continues to grow and meet that need. 

Military Chaplain Requirements

Chaplain Requirements (Army, Navy, and Air Force Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard)

Chaplain Candidate Program

In addition to the DOD chaplain requirements,
GCI requires the following:

In addition to DOD chaplain candidate requirements,
GCI requires that the candidate:

GCI Chaplain Guidelines

The GCI Team

Supporting chaplains and their families through prayer, connection, and guidance.

Chaplain Resources

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