The Military Chaplain Life Cycle

Military chaplains and candidates can help pastors advance the Kingdom before, during, and after their chaplain careers. 


GCI chaplains (Guard and Reserve) and GCI chaplain candidates are currently serving MPACT churches as site pastors and microsite leaders, as well as leading small groups, student and young adult ministries, and in kids’ church

Chaplain candidates often have prior military experience and possess strong character and leadership ability. They must have at least two years of ministry experience before they can accession to active duty and can render valuable service to the the local church. 

While active-duty chaplains serve in in units and on-base chapels, Reserve and National Guard chaplains can continue to serve on church staff. 

Chaplains finishing their active-duty service may serve in an internship for up to six months while receiving full military pay and benefits and at no cost to the church they serve. Many of our chaplains have served at levels of high responsibility and they all bring outstanding organizational leadership skills and a proven track records of integrity and success.

A Chaplain Candidate

Todd Capen brings proven leadership experience to his position as the Anderson Creek Site Pastor for Manna Church. Todd and his wife Heather served in the kids’ ministry for several years while he was on active duty as a noncommissioned officer. Todd naturally fills the role of site pastor as he completes his Master of Divinity degree enroute to a potential active-duty chaplain career.

Elliot Diaz began serving on staff an Manna Church Fayetteville where he was a chaplain candidate. A former senior noncommissioned officer, Elliot and his wife Jessica have served Manna church for over a decade and a half. Elliot also serves as a chaplain in the North Carolina Army National Guard, advancing the Kingdom in his unit and extending the impact of the church

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